Heart Attack Diagnosis I Thought I was A Doctor But I Am Not

It was Labor Day Weekend. 2019 and I was feeling sick.  I was thinking that I was coming down with something.  Nothing would prepare me for a heart attack diagnosis.

Are You Able To Make Your Own Heart Attack Diagnosis?

I was very excited to have a 3 day weekend to end summer and get ready for fall weather.  I am not a fall or winter person so its not fun for me.

For me fall means the end of hot summer days where when I am off work I can sit on my deck and soak in the suns rays.  Even at my age I love getting a summer tan.

It also means closing our pool for the winter which I absolutely hate.  It also means that we are closer to the dreaded zero degree weather and snow and ice.  Funny how I used to love snow when I was a kid.  

I was still not feeling great but I managed to close the pool.  I am so used to doing thing like this by myself.  I took a picture of the cover on like I always do and posted it on Facebook.

Heart Attack Diagnosis Pain That Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks

So Friday night I started noticing I felt real chilled and my back and neck hurt to the point I could barely move.  Dr Vince thought it was just a start of the flu.  I never would have given myself a heart attack diagnosis.

I spent most of the night in the bathroom.  Simple flu or 24 hr bug.  I could come up with a million things but heart attack diagnosis was not one that I still was not considering

I was starting to be in a lot of pain.  Both my parents suffered from heart problems.  I knew the normal symptoms.  Cold clammy skin and left side pain and arm numbness.

My symptoms were middle of my back pain and neck pain.  No arm or clamminess.  That is why I didn’t give myself a heart attack diagnosis.

As the pain progressed I was contemplating on going to the Emergency Room, but with out insurance I would have had to pay the entire thing because of our $4,000 dollar deductible.  I knew the emergency room was at least $3,500.  I thought it was a waste of money.

I kept thinking it was the flu so I decided to just sleep it off.  For a illness or flu that tends to work for me.

The Survey Says? Heat Attack Diagnosis

What I didn’t know is I miss diagnosed what was happening.  I had previous back issues so I took a muscle relaxer and that seemed to ease the pain.  But I was so tired and could barely take the dog out.

I ended up spending the next 3 days sleeping.  I kid you not all I did was sleep.

So Tuesday comes and it was back to work for me.  I felt pretty good for the most part.  I forgot to say I also had the cold sweats during my weekend of sleep and that went away as well.

I thought I was fine but a little fatigued and thought that was normal for just getting over the flu or 24 hr virus, or whatever I had.  I never thought in my wildest dreams it was a heart attack diagnosis.

But I did not know that till the end of the week.  Friday the 13th of September 2019 when a trained doctor gave my family the heart attack diagnosis.

September 13,2019 my entire world turned upside down.  I will write another blog post to go into that in greater detail.  But that is the day I had a stroke and found out I had a heart attack.

So the key thing I am trying to say is that we are not doctors although I used to think I could diagnose what ails me.  But I was wrong.

If you have pain anywhere go see a doctor or go to the ER.  I was very lucky that labor day weekend but I was not the following…

Please learn from my miss heart attack diagnosis and always see a professional.  I never thought it could happen to me.

Live each day as if its your last.  Tell and show your loved ones that you love them.


Heart Attack Diagnosis I Thought I was A Doctor But I Am Not

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