My Recovery From A Stroke Part 2

My recovery from a stroke started the day after the stroke.  Well actually my recovery started once i fully woke up where everything started coming to a head in my mind thinking about what happened to me.

Recovery From A Stroke: The Emotional Part

First I do want to say that I am not a doctor and I am writing about my personal experience for my recovery from a stroke.  I didn’t find a lot of peoples personal experiences which was what I was looking for online.

I wanted to provide this for people tired of just seeing the medical jargon out there.  But any doctor related questions about your recovery from a stroke should be addressed to your doctor.My Recovery From A Stroke Part 2

Ok, moving forward.  I found that all this emotion starting happening.  I started crying and shaking.  The nurse came in and I apologized and she said no need.  This is very common.

I felt better but I felt like a fool too.  But any advise I can give just let it all out.  You have been through a big ordeal.  Its OK to get emotional.

This will not be the first and only time.  Things that never would have made me emotional did.  I pretty much was a heaping mess of emotion.

Recovery From A Stroke: Why Me?

You will have so much time to think about your recovery from a stroke which more time on the thinking part then actual physical therapy.

Being that you will be laying in that bed or moving to a chair there really isn’t much for you to do but think about your recovery from a stroke and the dreaded why me?My Recovery From A Stroke Part 2

If I can offer any advice at all try not to dwell on the why’s.  Be grateful that you made it and you are alive.

I happened to think about going to sleep in my bed and waking up at 3:00 in the morning paralyzed.   How could I have a stroke and not even have a headache?

I went through a million scenarios in my brain and nothing made sense.  I was scared as well.  Its all normal to feel this way.

I probably spend a few days going through this and trying to make sense of it but I could not.  I know my family has a history of strokes and heart attacks and I was not doing the best to control my food intake at the time

That is what I came up with.  It was hereditary and I needed to eat better for this to not happen again since a piece of fat from a clogged artery in my heart traveled up to my brain and caused this mess.

I needed to start focusing mind body and soul on my recovery from a stroke.

Recovery From A Stroke:  Assessing The Damage

Depending how the stroke affected you what will happen is you will have multiple doctors assess the damage.

My assessment was not too terrible based on how bad it was but for me it was terrible.  I had issues with my speech and my right side was very weak.  My right leg was sorta paralyzed and my right arm and hand was as well.

My recovery from a stroke was going to be learning how to use my entire right side of my body again and learn to speak clearly.My Recovery From A Stroke Part 2

After I dealt with the emotional and blame game I had to focus on getting better and believe it or not making sure I got better enough to go back to work.

In the real world I am a project manager and I could not do my job if I can’t speak clearly.

To be continued…

Live each day as if its your last.  Tell and show your loved ones that you love them.

Today is a blessing and tomorrow is not guaranteed…


My Recovery From A Stroke Part 2

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