My Stroke Recovery Part 1 Critical Condition

The last thing I remember while I was having a stroke was a person telling me to hang in there and a stroke recovery was far from my mind.  I don’t know if the hospital sedated me or I was just going in and out of consciousness.

My Stroke Recovery Waking Up

All I could here was Vince wake up, Vince wake up.  Push as hard as you can with your feet.  What is your name?  What is your birthday?

I was very drowsy and wasn’t sure what was going on.  I remember speaking my name and trying to answer the doctors questions but I could hear myself talking and my words were very sluggish and didn’t sound right.

I was starting to get frustrated and the doctors said its OK,  It’s all going to take some time.

You my friend are a miracle.  I am going to call you my miracle patient.  It was touch and go for a while but you have a strong will to live.  Just rest right now you have been through a lot.

My wife and daughter were there as well and I tried to ask what happened.  They said that I had a clot in my brain that caused me to be paralyzed and they got me to the York hospital in a nick of time.

They went up through my groin and were able to pull out the clot and while doing that I had a heart attack so the cardiologist was working on that while the brain surgeon was working on getting the clot out.

All in all not too many people survive the double whammy but you did and your a miracle.

My Stroke Recovery Getting My Bearings

I started to wake up and was looking at my surroundings.  I felt very fortunate and blessed and thanked GOD that I was alive.  I was told that I was in the intensive care unit and the doctor asked me if I had any questions.

I asked when can I go back to work?  He kinda chuckled and said just worry about getting healthy.

I told my wife and daughter to go home and get some rest.  From what I could gather it was about 6 pm and I know they have been up since 3:30 am.  I told them I would be fine.

When they left I started my stroke recovery by just closing my eyes and going to sleep.  I couldn’t believe how tired I was.

I woke up pretty quickly.  Hospitals are not the most quietest and I had all these wires on me and they were beeping constantly.

My Stroke Recovery Trying To Assess The Damage To My Body

First I tried lifting my right hand and arm up.  I could do it but it was very hard.  I didn’t feel numb but I felt really uncoordinated.  I could barely move my fingers but I thought that was better then being paralyzed.

I tried to move my right leg and foot again and it was very hard to do.  I was happy it wasn’t paralyzed and knew my entire right side was damaged and my stroke recovery was going include learning to use my right side again.

I did the same with my left side but noticed it felt normal.  Not paralyzed like when this all started.

I wanted to go back to sleep but realized I had to go to the bathroom.  I called for the nurse and they gave me a urinal jug to use.

When they helped me sit up that is when I realized how bad it still was.  I could not stand on my right side.  They held me up while I relieve myself.

I don’t know about you but there is nothing more embarrassing then not being able to go to the bathroom yourself and have to deal with this is going to make my stroke recovery faster.  I was determined.

The rest of the night I could not sleep.  I thought about my stroke recovery and how I was going to get myself back on my feet and what I had in store for me.

To be continued…

Live each day as if its your last.  Tell and show your loved ones that you love them.

Today is a blessing and tomorrow is not guaranteed…


My Stroke Recovery Part 1


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    1. Yes it is. I feel after 14 months I am still recovering and building myself back. I was fortunate to regain most of my old self. I know others are not and I pray for them every day.

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