Recovering From A Stroke Part 4 Excruciating

In this post I am going to describe my issues recovering from a stroke and how they affected me.

Simple everyday things you don’t think about doing you end up struggling.  Recovering from a stroke is very stressful and hard.

Recovering From A Stroke My Right Side Arm

With my right side being paralyzed and after the operation to remove the blood clot from my brain my right side was left weak and barely functional.

I could barely move my arm across my body.  I guess if I could describe it if I wanted to wash my left underarm with soap my hand would not reach that far over without excruciating pain.

My right hand was very week and fingers were not functioning.  Recovering from a stroke and trying to pick up the smallest item such as a fork was very hard.

I am right handed so I had to learn to use my left hand which was no fun at all. I remember trying to use a fork in the hospital and twirl spaghetti during dinner and I struggled to even get the fork to the spaghetti.

I ended up using my left hand but it wasn’t that easy either so I forced myself to use my right hand.  I had to relearn everything again.

For rehab in recovering from a stroke they would bring in objects for me to move with my hand and do finger exercises.

The worst thing and not to get gross was learning to wipe my rear end using my left hand.  I had no strength in my right hand or arm to even reach back there.

Recovering from a stroke effects so many things that you just have to take the time to learn again and let your brain heal as well as your body.

You get frustrated as well.

Recovering From A Stroke Foot And Leg

Recovering from a stroke is hard when you have part of your body not working but when the entire side is not it makes it even worse.

My right foot and leg were very week and un responsive.  When they tried to get me to stand up I barely could put any pressure on my leg and foot.

I could stand but when I tried to walk my leg gave out.  I could only move it about an inch or two and most people who are normal take a big step.

When I started rehab in the hospital they thought I would regain all my functions if I just worked on it.  I was hoping and praying they were correct.

Recovering From A Stroke Rehab

Rehab is very hard.  You are learning to use you legs, feet, arms, and hands again when recovering from a stroke.

And depending on what other conditions the stroke leaves you in it could be worse than how I had it.  But at the time I thought my life was over and I would not recover.

Little by little the more they had me stand up and move the more things started coming back to me.

I started pushing my foot out farther and farther and eventually being able to stand.  They gave me a walker to lean on and that helped a lot.

I eventually was able to put weight on my legs and feet and shuffle without the walker.

I was able to move around my room and eventually walk around the hospital wing.  I did not have a flow to my walk it was like remembering to not scuff my foot and make my leg go out

When I got to go home I had to keep walking and eventually I regained my movement in all extremities.  I can walk without issue and I can twirl spaghetti and wipe my rear end.. LOL

The next couple of chapters will be talking about my heart…

Live each day as if its your last.  Tell and show your loved ones that you love them.

Today is a blessing and tomorrow is not guaranteed…


Recovering From A Stroke Part 4



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    1. You cannot dampen my hopes because I have done it. My heart bounced back and I am in no longer need of it. I have heard others say that as well. Do I have a medical answer as to why? No, I was supposed to die according to the doctors on 9/13/19 but I did not. I was called a miracle. I only had to wear the vest a short time. I remember going in for a echo and the person said they never have seen anyone get off of using them. I was feeling down. When my doctor called with the results he was astonished as well and said I no longer need it and to send it back so I did. Now my belief is God and prayers saved me. You can believe what you want and I can only tell my story as it happened. Thanks for your comment…

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