My Recovery From A Heart Attack Part 3 And Cardiac Catheterization

My recovery from a heart attack was difficult.  I had the double whammy a stroke and heart attack at the same time.

I keep going back to this in my posts but I really didn’t think anything was going to happen this bad.

My Recovery From A Heart Attack:  Psychological

First of all I am blessed to have woken up.  In my previous blog I discuss being called a miracle.  I know I was and still am today as I write this a year or so later.

But imagine the doctors telling you that you had a heart attack and stroke.  Its hard to deal with a stroke but then add heart attack on top of that as well.

I really was having a hard time emotionally dealing with both.  My heart was always strong but now it was not.

I really started to freak out.  I was told that I needed to stay calm and be grateful that I was still here but it was hard to see that and I needed time to learn to deal with this.

I had a lot of time to  lay there and process all of this.  When all you can do is lay there and not really move all you have time to do is think.

I tried to think about how to tackle the stroke and heart attack.  The doctors eventually prescribed a medicine to help with the anxiety.  Not sure if it really helped or not.

My Recovery From A Heart Attack:  Heart Function

To start my recovery from a heart attack I needed to understand how bad my heart was.

That is where the heart function comes in.  Normal heart function is around 45% to 55%.  Not sure why that is the scale but I guess there is a reason for it.

My heart was functioning at about 20% to 25% which no matter how you slice it is not good.

What I was told was that about half my heart ended up dying.  But they said that they feel that my functions could get better with a heart Catheterization.

What a heart catheterization or cath will do is open up blocked arteries to make the blood flow easier to your heart.

My next step in recovery from a heart attack was getting scheduled for a heart catheterization.

My Recovery From A Heart Attack:  Heart Catheterization Day

The day of the Cath I was not allowed to eat.  I was supposed to go down early in the morning but ended up about 4 pm.

I was pretty hungry by then but that was the least of my worries.

As I lay there waiting on the procedure to start I watched the doctors huddling around in the room next to where I was.

They were talking loud enough to where I could tell something was up. They were calling other doctors as well.

I asked the nurse what’s going on and she said there just making sure they are ready for the procedure and not to worry.

Eventually the doctor comes in and says they can’t do the procedure due to them finding more blockage in my heart and if they can’t get it cleared I would need open heart surgery.

I pretty much lost it at that point.  It was hard keeping my emotions in check.  They were going to treat me with blood thinners for the next few days and take a picture and see where things stand.

So for the next three days I kept thinking about my chest being spit open as well as not trying to get too excited due to my heart being at its low function.

Three days pass and the medicines worked and the blockage was cleared and got the catheterization done.

My hope now was that it would help my heart functions get to a higher percentage.

To Be Continued.

Live each day as if its your last.  Tell and show your loved ones that you love them.

Today is a blessing and tomorrow is not guaranteed…


My Recovery From A Heart Attack

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