Welcome To My New Blog In A Blink Of An Eye

I named my blog “In A Blink Of An Eye” because its that sudden that your entire life can change and go upside down

That happened to me on September 13th 2019 when I had a stroke in the wee hours of the morning.  I was not expected to live and my wife and daughter were told to say there final good bye’s.

But I am here today a little over a year after this happened depending on when you are reading this.

I will write about that experience and more.

What Will I Write About On My Blog?

My hope is that the content I create on my blog will benefit everyone.  I will write about my experience in life and health issues.

One thing I found when looking into things on the net was there was not too much content from people who experienced strokes and heart attacks and I want to cover my experience dealing with and recovering from both when I write and do videos.

I also want to write about things I am passionate about like sports, television, technical stuff, computers, photography, and so much more.

Why Write A Blog?

You know I have been debating whether I should write or do videos or not but being that I should have died I feel that I was spared for a reason.

I have not figured that reason out yet but maybe I am supposed to write a blog to give hope to others and support.

My other hope by writing a blog is to have healthy banter with some of the subjects.  Good discussion is fun.

I will also be doing video blogs on my you tube channel and discussing them here as well.

I also used to be an online marketer and the key word used to be so now I am anti-mlm so I will be discussing that in hopes of providing my experiences so others can decide if mlm’s are a good fit.

I have tons of things to talk about before I finally push up daisy’s as the old saying goes.

Oh one more thing about my blog is that I am not a professional writer.  I can barely spell and thanks to spell check I have that covered.. LOL

So don’t expect posts that are grammatically correct or every punctuation correct.  I will be talking or writing from the heart.

Live Each Day As If It’s Your Last


My First Blog Post In A Blink Of An Eye

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